Ditch the Bucket List - Today is the Day

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"We have to have to learn how to uncouple fear from uncertainty. Embrace uncertainty, feel the fear and move in. Embrace ambiguity. We wait for everything to be right all the time. That's not life. Embrace uncertainty."

That's a quote from Dr. James Smith, Jr.. He's a motivational speaker, a teacher and a coach. He makes a living inspiring others, and works with our friends at Growing Bolder. He talks the talk and he walks the walk, sharing lessons he's learned by moving forward in his own life. Dr. Smith went back to school to get his doctorate in his late fifties, and then he chose to flip his business model upside down the year that he turned 60.

The pandemic shut down Dr. James' entire way of doing business. No more traveling, corporate appearances, keynote speeches or in-person workshops. So, he pivoted, rebuilding his website, launching a new podcast, and learning how to connect with clients online. How did he start moving forward? By asking himself an 8-word question: What are you going to do about it?

Was he afraid? Sure. Was there a lot of uncertainty in this bold, new venture? You betcha. But he took a risk and moved ahead anyway.

Is there an area in your life where you're waiting for the perfect time to move forward?  Maybe you want to take a trip, move closer to grandchildren, downsize into a smaller home, or move into a community where you can find new friends after a spouse's death. What are you waiting for? The team at Caring Transitions is ready, willing, and able to help in your next transition. But it's up to you to take the leap, make the call, and put your dreams into motion.

The pandemic reminded us all that life is fleeting and tomorrow is guaranteed to no one. Now is the time to lean into life, to take risks, to think big and to be bold. Do you have a bucket list? Bucket lists are about 'eventually, one day, someday I'm gonna get around to it.' Someday is not a day of the week. It's time to jump now.

Ditch your bucket list. Book the trip. Try that language app. Enroll in that new dance class, buy a canvas and some paints, and get busy. Call the team at Caring Transitions and take the first step toward your dreams today.

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